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Supplier of Medical Device

You probably need both standard and customizable products that will fit a variety of applications. SCW MEDICATH LTD offers you the widest range of medical devices.

Established in 1996, SCW Medicath is a dedicated medical consumables manufacturer. We mainly have six types of products including interventional products, medical imaging products, urology products, anesthesiology & critical care products, obstetrics & gynecology products, and orthopaedics products. We win the market through reliable products with competitive prices. After more than two decades, we have become a leading company in the medical industry and our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

With the company development, we realize that localization is very important and we need local partners to develop their local market further. Therefore, we are looking for more and more distributors.

Our requirements for the dealership are as below:

1) You should be an independent medical device company with qualifications for importing and distributing medical consumables;

2) Usually, we will require our distributors to complete the registration of the products they sell according to local regulations and bear the costs incurred by themselves. If you are not sure how to finish the registration, please consult your local relevant departments and we will assist you by providing corresponding application materials;

3) You have enough customer base in the corresponding region, which will support you to introduce our products to your market quickly.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer of medical disposable products wholesale, please contact us at for more details.

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