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Central Venous Catheter Kit and Hemodialysis Catheter Kit consist of catheter, introducer needle, guide wire, dilator, syringe, scalpel, injection cap, fixation with wings, etc. All components of this product are drug-free. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is for single use.

The catheter is mainly composed of a tube and a connector. The tube is made of polyethylene and contains radiopaque barium sulfate, and the connector is made of polyethylene. Sterilized with ethylene oxide, the product is for single use.

Different Types of Catheter

Advantages Of Medical Catheter

Advantages of Hemodialysis Catheter and Central Venous Catheter.Made of medical grade material, the tube softens at body temperature (37℃), thus reducing patient injury.Radiopaque material for rapid visualization and proper placement of the catheter tip.Kink-resistant guide wire increases the success rate of puncture and clinician confidence.Advantages of Angiographic Catheter.Large inside diameter for increased contrast agent flow rate.Flexible material provides excellent support and shape memory.Braided catheter construction provides good torque capacity and excellent kink resistance. Soft tip protects vessels from damage.

Advantages Of Medical Catheter

What Is Medical Catheter Used For?

What Is Medical Catheter Used For?

Central Venous Catheters are primarily used for drug infusion or blood sampling and/or for manometry or other measurements.Hemodialysis catheters are used to create short-term venous access for hemodialysis, blood collection, manometry and infusion.The product is primarily used for angiographic in clinical practice where peripheral or coronary vessels are narrow and require stent placement or visualization prior to dilation.

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