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hemostasis valve sets

Hemostasis Valve Sets

Introducing our Hemostasis Valve Sets: Streamlining Medical Procedures with Innovative Rotating Hemostatic Valves and Haemostasis Valves.

At SCW Medicath, we are proud to offer advanced Hemostasis Valve Sets designed to enhance medical procedures and improve patient outcomes. Our sets feature state-of-the-art rotating hemostatic valves, revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals manage bleeding and maintain vessel integrity.

With our rotating hemostatic valve technology, medical practitioners can experience unprecedented control and precision during invasive procedures. The rotating mechanism allows for effortless manipulation, enabling smooth instrument insertion and withdrawal while effectively sealing the vessel, minimizing the risk of bleeding or air embolism.

Our rotating hemostatic valves, a type of medical disposable products, provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring a reliable seal even when instruments are not actively being used. By maintaining a closed system, our haemostasis valves reduce the risk of contamination and maintain a sterile environment, promoting patient safety and reducing the likelihood of infection.

Designed with both patient and healthcare provider in mind, our Hemostasis Valve Sets offer numerous advantages. They facilitate efficient workflow, minimizing procedure time and enhancing overall productivity. The intuitive design and ease of use contribute to a seamless experience for medical professionals, allowing them to focus on providing optimal care.

At SCW Medicath, we prioritize quality and adhere to strict regulatory standards. Our Hemostasis Valve Sets undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and durability, providing healthcare providers with peace of mind and confidence in their chosen instruments.

Experience the future of hemostasis management with our Hemostasis Valve Sets, featuring innovative rotating hemostatic valves . Trust in our commitment to innovation, quality, and patient safety as we continue to redefine the standard of care in medical procedures.

Hemostasis Valve Sets Details


  • Hemostasis Valve

  • Guide Wire lnsertion Tocl.

  • Torque Device

Product No.Description
42.03.10000Twist Y Connctor
42.03.10001Push Pull Y connector
42.03.10004Y Click type
42.03.10005Twist Y connctor with 25cm extension line and stopcocks
42.03.10002Push Pull Y connector with 25cm extension line and stopcocks
42.03.10006Y Click type with 25cm extension line and stopcocks
42.03.10003Push Pull Y connector with 45cm extension line and stopcocks
42.03.10012Y Click type with 45cm extension line and stopcocks

Hemostasis Valve Sets Features

Hemostasis Valve Sets Features
  • Twist type: Our rotating hemostatic valve set is highly pressure-resistant, convenient for sealing, and operation, safe and tight. Flexible valve.

  • Push-pull type and Y-click type: Easy operation, with pressure-resistant sealing valve to stop bleeding quickly, flexible and safe operation, side arm with extension tube for convenient operation.

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