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SCW medical transducers are made with imported chips for accurate manometry with an error of 2%. All parts of our transducer medical equipment are made of medical polymer materials. Complete supporting products with holder and organizer as well as adapter wire available.

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Transducer System Medical Advantages

  • Our transducer system medical series is equipped with imported precision chips for accurate manometry.

  • Squeeze design flushing valve for clinical use.

  • SCW Medicath transducer medical devices are adaptable to monitors in use in the domestic market.

  • SCW Medicath transducer medical equipment has strong adaptability to meet different clinical needs.

Transducer System Medical Advantages

Transducer In Medical Equipment

Transducer In Medical Equipment

In clinical practice, blood pressure is one of the four major vital signs and is generated by  heart beat. The power that drives the flow of blood through the blood vessels is a basic hemodynamic monitoring item and one of the important vital signs in critically ill patients. Blood pressure monitoring is particularly important as an important monitoring indicator for critically ill patients, which is why disposable pressure transducers are so important. The principle is that a catheter is placed inside the blood vessel at the site to be measured through a puncture, and the outer end of the catheter is directly connected to the pressure transducer. The pressure inside the blood vessel will be conveyed to the external pressure transducer through the fluid inside the catheter, so that a dynamic waveform of real-time pressure changes inside the blood vessel can be obtained. The systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and mean arterial pressure at the measured site can be obtained by specific calculation methods.

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