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postpartum balloon with rapid instillation
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Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation

Postpartum hemostatic balloons are included in many guidelines for postpartum hemorrhage, and it is suggested that uterine tamponade should be preferred for hemostasis when uterine tamponade is required. For example, in 2006 ACOG, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines for postpartum hemorrhage recommended the Bakri balloon.

Use Method Of Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation

1. Vaginal delivery:

Transvaginal placement: catheterization before placement, pre-estimated uterine cavity volume by B-ultrasound. The surgeon places the catheter into the uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance to ensure that the entire balloon is fixed above the internal cervical orifice, and then injects 250 ~ 300ml of sterile normal saline. The maximum injection is 500ml. Do not inject air or CO2. An external pressure pump can be connected to monitor the pressure to prevent excessive force, and an external volume bag can be connected to assess the amount of bleeding. Treatment is effective when a reduction or cessation of bleeding from the drain hole of the catheter is observed. Pack a gauze roll containing antibiotics in the vagina to fix the balloon, or hang a weight of about 500g at the end of the balloon to fix the balloon.

2.Cesarean delivery:

Transuterine tamponade: During cesarean section, the balloon catheter is inserted into the uterine cavity through the uterine incision. The balloon part is placed in the uterine cavity, and the catheter is plugged out of the vagina. The assistant must hold the balloon while injecting sterile water and pulling the tip through the vagina. When a reduction in bleeding from the catheter drain hole is observed, fix the catheter position. The uterine incision is then routinely closed. Be careful to avoid puncturing the balloon.

Parameter of Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation

Product CodeSize(Fr)Length(cm)Balloon Volume(ml)

With Rapid Instillation

Product CodeSize(Fr)Length(cm)Balloon Volume(ml)

Features of Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation

Features of Postpartum Balloon with Rapid Instillation
  • Extensive compression area and good drainage effect;

  • Simple operation and good hemostatic effect;

  • Easy monitoring of hemostatic effect;

  • Less contraindications and side effects.

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