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High-Pressure Water Manifolds
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Medical High-Pressure Water Manifolds

High Pressure Manifolds

A high pressure water manifold is a crucial component in industrial and commercial settings where high-pressure water distribution is required. It serves as a central hub that receives high-pressure water from a source and distributes it to various points within a system. The high-pressure manifolds are mainly used for multi-channel infusion in various operations. 

High-Pressure Manifolds Features Parameter

Product No.DescriptionPressure
42.06.10000"ON" w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Way500 PSI
42.06.10001"OFF" w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Way500 PSI
42.06.20000"ON" w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Way250 PSI
42.06.20001"OFF" w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Way250 PSI

Block body
Product No.DescriptionPressure
42.05.10001"OFF" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 2 Port500 PSI
42.05.10003"OFF" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 2 Port250 PSI

Half body
Product No.DescriptionPressure
42.05.20000"ON" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 2 Port500 PSI
42.05.20002"ON" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 2 Port250 PSI

Product No.DescriptionPressure
42.05.40000"ON" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Port500 PSI
42.05.40001"OFF" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Port500 PSI
42.05.40002"ON" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Port250 PSI
42.05.40003"OFF" Right-Handed w/Rotating Adapter, 3 Port250 PSI

Product No.Description
42.05.50000Manifold "RIGHT ON", Dose-control syringes, 12ml
42.05.50001Manifold "RIGHT OFF", Dose-control syringes, 12ml

High Pressure Water Manifold Working Principle

  1. Inlet Connection: The manifold typically has an inlet connection through which water is supplied from a high-pressure water source, such as a pump or a dedicated water supply line.

  2. Pressure Regulation: Before entering the manifold, the water may pass through a pressure regulation system to ensure that it reaches the desired pressure level. This is crucial for maintaining consistent performance and preventing damage to downstream equipment.

  3. Distribution Ports: The manifold has multiple outlet ports or distribution points, which are designed to direct the pressurized water to various locations or equipment. These ports are typically connected to hoses, pipes, or nozzles that are used for specific applications.

  4. Valves and Controls: Each distribution port is equipped with individual valves or controls. These valves can be manually operated or automated, depending on the complexity of the system and the level of control required. The purpose of these valves is to regulate the flow of water to each outlet.

  5. Manifold Structure: The manifold itself is designed to withstand high-pressure conditions. It is constructed from materials that are resistant to corrosion and erosion caused by high-velocity water flow.

  6. Flow Adjustment: Operators can adjust the flow rate and pressure at each outlet by manipulating the valves or controls associated with the distribution ports. This allows for precise control over the water delivery to different components of the system.

  7. Safety Features: High-pressure water systems often incorporate safety features such as pressure relief valves to prevent over-pressurization, pressure gauges to monitor pressure levels, and interlocks to ensure safe operation.

  8. Applications: High-pressure water manifolds find use in a wide range of applications, including industrial cleaning (such as pressure washing), cutting materials (waterjet cutting), hydrostatic testing of pipelines and vessels, and powering hydraulic machinery.

High-Pressure Medical Manifolds Features

High-Pressure Medical Manifolds Features
  • This manifold medical device series has a smooth rotation of 180°. High pressure manifolds are convenient for multiple infusions and they can withstand the pressure resistance of 500PSI and 250PSI.

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