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Medical Imaging Devices

Medical Imaging Devices

Our imaging products include Syringes and Connecting Tubings. Syringe types include single and dual barrels. Connecting Tubings are available in normal types and high pressure types (300PSI, 500PSI, 1200PSI)

Different Types of Medical Imaging Devices

Advantages of Medical Imaging Devices

Syringes are available in more than 30 sizes and models, which can be applied to CT, DSA, MRI and other injectors. With ISO13485 quality system certification and CE certification.

Advantages of Medical Imaging Devices

FAQs of Medical Imaging Devices

What is a connecting tube?

The product is clinically connected to syringes or other accessories to form a complete closed system for human intravenous infusion.


What are medical imaging devices?

Connecting tube is a disposable consumable for high-pressure syringes, mainly used in X-ray (CT, DSA), magnetic resonance (MR) and ultrasound (US) diagnosis, high-pressure injection of contrast agents and saline and other fluids as required by the relevant imaging techniques. Advantages: clinically selectable length, available in 300PSI/500PSI/600PSI/1200PSI. Soft tube to facilitate air discharge, with complete accessories. Stopcock, Y-type spiral tube for CT and single spiral connecting tube are available for match according to the different operating methods of contrast injection. The connecting tube for DSA is made of PU+resistant material, which can withstand pressure of 600PSI or more.


What is vented spike for?

The vented spike is the nozzle of the high-pressure syringe (directly connect to the connecting tube to complete the secondary exhaust procedure after connecting to the high pressure syringe for automatic air exhaust)

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