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PTCA balloon consists of tip, balloon, inner and outer balloon tubes, metal catheter, sheath and connector. The balloon is marked with two radiopaque markers of platinum/iridium alloy. PTCA balloon is mainly used for treatment of primary stenosis or restenosis after revascularization of the coronary arteries by dilating the balloon to reshape the vessel and improve myocardial perfusion.

Different Types of Medical Balloon

Benefits Of Medical Balloon

Rapid exchange balloon is the most widely used type of balloon for PCI treatment.Only the proximal 15-30 cm of the balloon can slide coaxially along the guide wire, and the rest of the push rod has no internal cavity for the guide wire to pass through. It can be operated quickly and easily by one person with a guide wire of standard length (180-195cm). Our balloons have thinner wall, high pressure resistance, and complete specifications to meet the market demand. In particular, we provide 1.0 mm small size balloons for CTO lesions.

Benefits Of Medical Balloon

How Are Medical Balloons Made?

How Are Medical Balloons Made?

Balloon forming - balloon welding - balloon folding - packaging - sterilization - inspection - storage.

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