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Medical OEM Products

Medical OEM Products

We have more than 20 years of experience in R&D and production of medical consumables and can provide customers with a complete set of professional product design, R&D, registration, production and other services.

Different Types of Medical OEM Products

Advantages of Medical OEM Products

  • We have an independent mould design and development team with our mould R&D and manufacturing centre, which can quickly meet various personalized customization needs of customers;

  • Products listed on our website are available for customization;

  • We accept OEM and can manufacture and deliver the components or products you need within the specified time.

Advantages of Medical OEM Products

FAQs of Medical OEM Products

What is OEM in medical device?

All of our Anesthesiology/Interventional/Gynecology/Imaging/Urology/Orthopedic products can be disassembled into small parts for sale. Various sizes of guidewires are also available for sale.


What are examples of oem medical products?

For example: cooperate with manufacturers of high-pressure syringes by providing large quantities of syringe barrels (various sizes and models).


Why are luer lock connections used?

0778 connectors/protective caps/dilators/scalpels/puncture needles and other small accessories are used in different surgeries with different products, for example: connectors/protective caps are used as plug caps to prevent dust from entering. The dilator is used to dilate the subcutaneous tissue during tracheostomy and the puncture needle is used for central venous catheter puncture.

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