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monitor cables

Monitor Cables

It is for disposable pressure transducers and compatible with wide range of monitors.

Parameter of Monitor Cables

Model No. Monitor Description Connector
650-209 SPACELABS 700R, Alpha 9/14 Alpha Surgical (w/Cardules)Medical Device Cables
650-224 LITTON/DATAMEDIX/B-DELECTRODYNE, PR-18PR-5 Modules, Statis ST521 [Stat-Scopell], Guardian (Viking Connector) OHIO MEDICAL 0309-3202-300 OHMEDA Multitnak 3000Medical Wire Harness
650-226 NIHON KOHDEN 2301K, BSM-73Cables For Medical Equipment
650-201 ARIES, 700 Balloon Pump (No Cal) CRITICARE SYSTEMS, Vital Signs 1100 CRITIKON Dynamap 8720,8781 plus DRAGER Vitalert2000 JOHNSON&JOHNSON Dynamap 9720 or select MENNEN400,500,600,700,900, XL series, Solo/Micro-solo, Horizon2000,9000, MR1200,1400, Alpha-PC (NO Cal) NORTH AMERICAN DRAGER Vitalert2000 CSI8100Patient Monitor Cables
650-202 HP TWTN 5u/V/VmmHg, Standard8805B,8805D, 78205A-D w/TwinaxCardiac Monitor Cables
650-203 SIEMENS Sirecust 400,630,700 Series, 961, 1241, 1280, 1281, SC6000 uses a SIEMENS p/n 336838E530U SIEMENS SC 7000Cables For Medical Devices

AMERICAN OPTICAL (PICKET/PIONEER)1131 Module (Altemate Connection)DATASCOPE System 80,82,83,90,90T,95,97,I ABP,850,870,2000,2000A,2001,2002,3000, Passport, KAAP (Transport Balloon Pump), Point of View (POV21R, requires"18"jumper cable-Datascope p/n0012000866) GEA-3100, A3124AF GRASS 7R1, 7P122 Polygraph (No Cal) HP Sandbom INEX KONTRON (ROUCHE)2106,7320,7324,(BPModule for 7046,7048) MAROUETTE, GE3100 Series NIPPON COLIN BP408/BP508 SMEC 1300M (Balloon Pump)

Disposable Medical Products
650-206 HP12Pin 5uV/VmmHg Option 006 78205A-D, 78341,78342,78345,78346,78353,78354,783510,78551,78553,78801,7883,78834,Merlin1300 Series switches automatically from 5uV to 40uV. (i.e.:Model#Omnicare) M1006Ato M1176A Press M1006B HP M412Pin HP M1205A 12Pin Hewlett Packard MINDRAY PM6000 PHILIPS MP50/V24Medical Disposable Products
650-208 GENERA710C HP5uV (Option 002)8805,78205 IVY BIOMEDICAL 700,400 SeriesIVY 706 OMNI-TRAK4000 INVIVO PROTOCOL SYSTEMS Propeg 102,104, 106Acuity SIEMENS 610,620 (PROTOCOL Proag) TEKTRONIX VITATEK SPACELABS 300,400,500,600 Alpha7,Alpha PC(90300,90400,90600 Series), PC Express,700 Surgical Series,Te/Vitatak, Scout TPc (No Cal) Goldway UT4000Disposable Medical Products Manufacturer
650-217 AIR-SHIELD (NARCO) AS-100 (141 Module)AS-441 BURDICK (KONE)M5000 Series M544 Module (M560/M565/M575 Mainframe) CARDIL-CAP CC/CCI 104 DEXTER INSTRUMENTS CC-104, CCI-104, Cardio-Cap CM-104, Cardio-Cap I SIMONSON&WEIL AS100 Series, Athena, System8000 Quadrascope Diascope TravllerDisposable Medical Products Manufacturers In China
650-225 NIHON KOHDEN Lifescope6,9,11,12,14, BSM-2100 (transport)Medical Disposable Products Wholesale
650-230 KONTRON Minimom, Supermon, Fetaimon 2B, Fetalogic 4000, K2000balloon Pump, 7000Seres MINIMON, SU-PERMON FETALMON, FETALOGIC, K2000 BALLOON PUMPMedical Disposable Products Manufacturers
650-236 MARQUETTE Eagle,Tram Scope 100-800, AorLSeries, 8000 Series (Solar)※Some monitors have been customized to a HP connector GE Dash 3000/GE 4000Medical Disposables Manufacturers In China
650-239 HELLIGE 5th Generation Monitor SMU 610,611,612,613,639 HONEYWELL/PPG SMU&VICOM Series PPG (See HONEYWELL) VITATEK (See SPACELABS 500Series) TEKTRONIX(See SPACELABS 400Series) STATHAM (See Gould) SANDBORN (See HP)RM-300 HELLIGE SMK260 BRUSH (GOULD)Disposable Medical Supplies
650-251 ARIES,700 Balloon Pump (w/Cal) PYSIO-CONTROL VSM-1, VSM-4, VSM-5 (5uV) (w/Cal) MINDRAY PM-7000,PM-8000,PM-9000Disposable Medical Supplies China
650-299-62 DRAGER PM8014 & PM8060Disposable Medical Supplies Manufacturers
650-299-72 PHYSIOCARD, SM785 (Bruker)Disposable Medical Devices Supplier
Disposable Medical Supplies Companies
Disposable Medical Supplies Companies China

Features of Monitor Cables

Features of Monitor Cables
  • Durable construction that ensures consistent connection

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