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ptfe coating guide wires
teflon coated guidewire
ptfe guidewire
ptfe coating guide wires
teflon coated guidewire
ptfe guidewire

PTFE Coated Guidewire

Introducing Our PTFE Coated Guidewires: Enhancing Precision and Smooth Navigation with Teflon coated guidewire Technology.

Our PTFE coated guidewires are meticulously engineered to exhibit excellent flexibility and torque response. This flexibility allows for easy maneuverability around anatomical structures, while the reliable torque response enables accurate positioning during interventions, resulting in enhanced procedural outcomes.

By reducing friction and improving navigation, our Teflon coated guidewires contribute to enhanced patient comfort. The smooth advancement reduces discomfort, making procedures more tolerable for patients and potentially minimizing the need for sedation or pain management.

At SCW Medicath, we understand the importance of precision and ease of use in medical procedures. Our PTFE coated guidewires ( Teflon guidewires), offer healthcare professionals a trusted solution for achieving accurate navigation, optimizing outcomes, and delivering exceptional patient care.

Experience the benefits of our PTFE guidewires and discover the difference that Teflon technology can make in your procedures. 

PTFE Coated Guidewire Parameter

OD Range0.021"-0.038"
Length Range50cm-300cm
J Radius1.5mm-15mm


Product No.Length
Tip form

Teflon Guidewire Benefits

Teflon guidewires, or PTFE coated guidewires, offer several benefits that enhance medical procedures and improve patient outcomes. Here are some notable advantages:

  • Superior Lubricity: The PTFE coating on Teflon guidewires provides exceptional lubricity, reducing friction as the wire moves through blood vessels. This smooth advancement enhances ease of navigation, minimizes resistance, and improves overall procedural efficiency.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Teflon coated guidewires are engineered with excellent flexibility, allowing them to navigate through tortuous anatomical structures with ease. This flexibility facilitates precise positioning, enabling healthcare professionals to access challenging target areas during interventions.

  • Reliable Torque Response: The PTFE coating ensures reliable torque response, enabling healthcare professionals to accurately manipulate and control the guidewire during procedures. This responsiveness enhances procedural accuracy and helps achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Reduced Risk of Vessel Damage: The Teflon coating minimizes the risk of vessel trauma during guidewire insertion and manipulation. The smooth surface reduces the chances of vessel wall abrasion, potential dissection, or perforation, promoting patient safety and reducing complications.

  • Improved Patient Comfort: The smooth advancement and reduced friction of PTFE guidewires enhance patient comfort during procedures. The minimized resistance and smoother navigation contribute to a more comfortable experience for patients, potentially reducing discomfort and the need for additional pain management measures.

  • Compatibility with Various Procedures: Teflon guidewires are suitable for a wide range of medical procedures, including angiography, angioplasty, and endovascular interventions. Their versatility and reliable performance make them a valuable tool for healthcare professionals across multiple specialties.

  • Reliable and Consistent Performance: ptfe coated guide wires are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Their high-quality construction and durability contribute to their longevity and reliability during complex procedures.

By utilizing Teflon guidewires, healthcare professionals can benefit from improved procedural efficiency, enhanced precision, reduced complications, and increased patient comfort. When selecting guidewires, it is important to consider the specific clinical requirements and consult with medical device providers to choose the most appropriate options for the intended procedures.

Features of PTFE Coating Guide Wires

Features of PTFE Coating Guide Wires
  • Special PTFE coating ensures smooth surface and easy inserion of the guide wire to facilitate operation.

  • Good X-ray development for precise judgment of guide wire direction and positioning.

  • Available in a variety of diameters and lengths

  • J-tip design for easy control.

Medicath Ptfe Coated Guidewire Coating Advantages

1. One of the first manufacturers to produce guide wires in China, with the most advanced guide wire production technology in China.

2. PTFE coated wire imported by overseas company with quality assurance;

3. Special surface coating technology ensures the smoother surface of the guidewire and good passing performance for easy operation;

4. The guide wire develops well under X-ray for precise direction and positioning of the guide wire;

5. Available in a variety of diameter and length, and the tip J-elbow is easy to control.

6. Available in a variety of hardness.

7. The product has passed CFDA and CE certification.

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