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Disposable Pressure Transducers
Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor
centurion compass disposable pressure transducer
Disposable Pressure Transducers
Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor
centurion compass disposable pressure transducer

Disposable Pressure Transducers

A disposable pressure transducer, also known as a disposable blood pressure sensor or disposable blood pressure transducer, is a medical device designed for single-use measurements of blood pressure in healthcare settings. One example of such a device is the Centurion Compass Disposable Pressure Transducer. The disposable blood pressure transducer is mainly used for monitoring of blood pressure and collecting blood sample for gas analysis at the same time.

These disposable pressure transducers are specifically designed to provide accurate and reliable blood pressure readings in a convenient and cost-effective manner. They are typically used during invasive procedures, such as arterial catheterization or surgery, where direct blood pressure monitoring is required.

The Centurion Compass Disposable Pressure Transducer, as an example, incorporates advanced technology to ensure precise measurements while maintaining a sterile environment. The disposable IBP transducer is connected to the patient's arterial catheter or other appropriate access point, and it converts the pressure exerted by the blood flow into an electrical signal that can be accurately measured and displayed on a monitoring system.

Disposable pressure sensors offer several advantages over reusable ones. Firstly, they eliminate the need for cleaning and sterilization after each use, saving valuable time and effort for healthcare professionals. Additionally, they minimize the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission, promoting patient safety. Moreover, disposable pressure transducers reduce the cost associated with maintenance and repairs of reusable devices.

Overall, disposable pressure transducers, such as the Centurion Compass Disposable Pressure Transducer, provide a practical solution for accurate blood pressure monitoring in medical procedures, combining convenience, reliability, and enhanced infection control measures.

Disposable Blood Pressure Transducers Parameter

Single channel kit
Product No.Description
41.04.12000with Bax connector
41.04.15000with Uta connector
41.04.16000with Abb connector
Double Channel kit
Product No.Description
41.04.22000with Bax connector
41.04.25000with Uta connector
41.04.26000with Abb connector

Disposable Pressure Transducers Features

Disposable Pressure Transducers Features
  • This transducer medical equipment series is equipped with imported chips & blood collection valves.

  • SCW Medicath disposable pressure transducers can conduct accurate measurement of blood pressure, effective, stable, safe;

  • By using our disposable pressure transducers, multiple punctures on patients could be avoided to reduce pain and injury;

  • Our disposable blood pressure transducers have strong compatibility: the cable connectors are compatible with the mainstream monitoring instruments in the market.

Why choose SCW Medicath as your disposable blood pressure sensor supplier?

Quality and Reliability

SCW Medicath have a reputation for providing high-quality disposable blood pressure sensors that meet industry standards. We have a track record of reliability, ensuring accurate measurements and consistent performance.

Technological Expertise

SCW Medicath is known for their expertise in sensor technology and innovation. We could employ advanced manufacturing processes and incorporate cutting-edge sensor technology into our disposable IBP transducers, potentially leading to improved accuracy and reliability.

Customization and Compatibility

SCW Medicath offer a range of disposable blood pressure sensors that can be customized to suit specific requirements. We provide compatibility with various blood pressure monitoring systems, making it easier to integrate our transpac transducers into existing healthcare setups.

Regulatory Compliance

SCW Medicath adhere to strict quality control measures and regulatory standards in the production of our disposable blood pressure sensors. This commitment to compliance could provide assurance regarding the safety and efficacy of our products.


Depending on the specific pricing structure and market competition, SCW Medicath's disposable IBP transducers have competitively priced. We offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, making us an attractive choice for healthcare providers.

Customer Support

SCW Medicath prioritize customer satisfaction and provide responsive support. We offer technical assistance, troubleshooting, and timely replacements or repairs in case of any issues with our disposable pressure transducers.

Disposable Blood Pressure Transducers Working Principle

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