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Urology Products

Urology Products

Through continuous technological development and innovation, we have developed a series of minimally invasive interventional products in response to this market demand. Our urology products, including Guide Wire for Urinary Tract, Percutanous Nephrostomy Set, Ureteral Access Sheath, and Ureteral Stent Kit, can be used for kidney, ureteral stone and other conditions.

Different Types of Urology Products

Advantages of Urology Products

We provide complete urological series products with excellent quality unanimously recognized by medical institutions. In product design, we fully consider the unique needs of market segments and design products with new structures, specifications, and styles to expand product differences and meet new market demands. At the same time, our products are all one-time use and have a very high-cost performance, so the market capacity is enormous.

Advantages of Urology Products

FAQs of Urology Products

What are urological products?

Urology products are mainly a series of consumables used for kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra examination of urological patients, such as guide wires, percutaneous nephrostomy sets, and ureteral access sheaths.


What are urology products used for?

We have a comprehensive range of urological consumables, including guide wires, ureteral access sheaths, percutaneous nephrostomy sets, ureteral stents, stone extractors and drainage sets for clinical access to patients with kidney stones or hydronephrosis.


What is a female external urinary catheter?

A female catheter is a tube made of natural rubber or other material with a urinary bag attached to one side and an air bag on the other side to hold it in place. The end of the catheter with the air bag is inserted through the urethra into the bladder to facilitate drainage of urine. It is mainly used to collect uncontaminated urine as a specimen and to detect the cause of symptoms such as oliguria and inability to urinate in women. It is applicable to preoperative obstetric and critical patient examinations.


Why is it important to have urology products?

SCW MEDICATH LTD. is a twenty-seven-year national brand and the first manufacturer of central venous catheters, pressure transducers and guidewires in China. Our urological consumables are comparable to imported products in quality and far lower in price than the counterparts. We can provide special training for customers who are not so familiar about the products, and arrange local business managers to cooperate in departmental PR and resource sharing during business development of distributors, with online expert sharing sessions from time to time to help distributors develop business in the hospital market.

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