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Reinforced Medical Tubing

High Pressure Tubing Medical

Reinforced medical tubing is specifically engineered with additional layers or materials to enhance its structural integrity and resistance to external forces. This reinforcement allows the tubing to withstand higher pressures, resist kinking, and maintain its shape during critical procedures.

SCW Medicath, as  a professional medical tubing supplier&manufacturer, our medical tubing for sale offers numerous benefits. It provides reliable fluid and gas transport, ensuring efficient delivery of medications, fluids, or gases within the body. The reinforced construction also enables precise control and consistent flow, contributing to accurate dosing and improved patient care.

With the increased durability, our reinforced medical tubing for sale reduces the risk of leaks, breaks, or premature failures, enhancing patient safety and minimizing the need for replacements or interruptions during procedures. This reliability is crucial for applications where the pressure tubing medical is subjected to repeated use or encounters challenging environments.

High-Pressure Tubing Medical Specifications

Product No.Description
42.02.2000025 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.2000150 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.2000275 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.20013100 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.20003120 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.20004150 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator
42.02.20005180 cm Female Luer Lock to Male Rotator

Medical Supply Tubing Types

At SCW Medicath, one of the leading medical tubing suppliers in China, we offer a wide range of medical supply tubing types, including plastic medical tubing, PTFE medical tubing, and PVC medical tubing. Our diverse selection ensures that healthcare professionals have access to the right tubing options for their specific needs across various medical applications.

  • Plastic Medical Tubing: Our plastic medical tubing is designed with high-quality materials, offering flexibility, durability, and excellent compatibility with a variety of medical devices. This flexible medical tubing provides reliable fluid or gas transfer, making it suitable for applications such as intravenous therapy, oxygen delivery, drainage systems, and more.

  • PTFE Medical Tubing: Our PTFE medical tubing, or polytetrafluoroethylene tubing, is known for its exceptional chemical resistance and low friction properties. It offers excellent biocompatibility and is often used in critical applications such as vascular interventions, catheter delivery systems, and high-pressure fluid transfer where precise fluid control is essential.

  • PVC Medical Tubing: PVC medical tubing, or polyvinyl chloride tubing, is widely used in the medical tubing industry due to its affordability, flexibility, and versatility. It is commonly utilized for applications like respiratory therapy, suction systems, IV administration, and general fluid transfer. PVC medical tubing is available in various sizes and configurations to meet different clinical requirements.

Each type of medical supply tubing we offer undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and patient safety. We prioritize the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, providing healthcare professionals with reliable and trusted pressure tubing medical options.

Luer Lock IV Tubing Benefits

Luer lock IV tubing is an essential component in intravenous (IV) therapy, providing numerous benefits that contribute to improved patient safety and efficient healthcare delivery. Here are some notable advantages of using luer lock IV tubing:

  • Secure Connection: The luer lock mechanism offers a secure and leak-free connection between various medical devices, such as IV catheters, syringes, and infusion sets. The threaded design ensures a tight seal, reducing the risk of accidental disconnections and minimizing the potential for fluid leakage or air embolism.

  • Compatibility and Standardization: Luer lock IV tubing follows industry standards, ensuring compatibility across different medical devices and manufacturers. This standardization enables healthcare professionals to easily connect and disconnect components, facilitating seamless transitions between different stages of IV therapy.

  • Tamper Resistance: Luer lock IV tubing provides a tamper-resistant connection, safeguarding the integrity of IV administrations. The threaded design prevents unauthorized access or tampering, reducing the risk of medication errors and enhancing patient safety.

  • Versatility: Luer lock IV tubing is suitable for a wide range of IV applications, including medication administration, blood transfusions, and intravenous fluid therapy. Its versatility allows for efficient and reliable delivery of various fluids, medications, and blood products, accommodating diverse patient needs.

  • Reduced Air Inclusion: The secure connection of luer lock IV tubing minimizes the potential for air inclusion during fluid administration. This is crucial as air bubbles in the bloodstream can lead to serious complications. Luer lock IV tubing helps ensure precise control and accurate delivery of fluids, reducing the risk of air embolism.

  • Ease of Use: The luer lock mechanism is user-friendly, requiring a simple twist to connect or disconnect components. This ease of use promotes efficiency in clinical settings, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly and confidently establish and manage IV access.

  • Standardized Sterility: Luer lock IV tubing is commonly available as pre-sterilized and individually packaged units. This standardization of sterility ensures aseptic handling and reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections, enhancing patient safety during IV therapy.

By utilizing luer lock IV tubing, healthcare professionals can benefit from secure and reliable connections, standardized compatibility, and improved patient safety. It is essential to adhere to best practices and follow established protocols when using luer lock IV tubing to ensure optimal outcomes in IV therapy.

High Pressure Tubing Medical Features

High Pressure Tubing Medical Features
  • The transparent tube of our high-pressure tubing medical series has a pressure resistance of 500psi.

  • PU tube + nylon braided mesh has a pressure resistance of 1200psi.

  • Soft tube is easy to operate. Available in Luer lock connector and rotator connector.

As a professional medical tubing supplier, SCW Medicath provides various length options for clinical uses.

High Pressure Reinforced Medical Tubing Customization

High pressure reinforced medical tubing customization can involve a range of different aspects, including color, toughness, and size. Here's a brief overview of what these terms might mean in the context of customizing high pressure reinforced medical tubing:

  • Colour: In some cases, it may be important to customize the colour of the reinforced medical tubing to make it easier to identify or differentiate from other medical equipment. For example, a hospital might choose to use blue tubing for oxygen delivery and red tubing for suction. Customizing the colour can also help with branding or marketing purposes.

  • Toughness: High-pressure reinforced medical tubing needs to be strong enough to withstand the pressures it will be subjected to during use. Customization in terms of toughness might involve using more robust materials, adding extra reinforcement layers, or modifying the dimensions of the tubing to increase its strength.

  • Size: Customization of size is often an important aspect of high-pressure reinforced medical tubing. The medical tubing for sale needs to be sized appropriately for the application it will be used in, whether that's delivering medication, oxygen, or other fluids. Customization of size might involve altering the outer diameter, inner diameter, or wall thickness of the tubing to meet specific requirements.

Customization of high-pressure reinforced medical tubing can involve a range of different factors, depending on the specific needs of the application. Colour, toughness, and size are just a few of the potential aspects that might be considered when designing and manufacturing this type of tubing. As a professional medical tubing supplier, SCW Medicath can provide you with quality high pressure tubing medical solutions. Feel free to contact at any time!

High Pressure Tubing Medical Applications

High pressure tubing is a type of tubing used in medical applications that require the transfer of fluids or gases at high pressure. These peripheral intervention devices are typically made of materials that can withstand high pressure, such as stainless steel, titanium, or other high-strength alloys.

  • Infusion pumps: High-pressure tubing medical is used in infusion pumps to deliver fluids, medications, and nutrients directly into a patient's bloodstream. The tubing must be able to withstand high pressures to ensure that the medication is delivered safely and accurately.

  • Oxygen delivery systems: The reinforced medical tubing is used in oxygen delivery systems to transport oxygen from a storage tank to the patient. The pressure tubing medical must be able to withstand high pressures to ensure that the oxygen is delivered at the correct flow rate and pressure.

  • Hemodialysis machines: High-pressure tubing medical solution is used in hemodialysis machines to transport blood from the patient to the machine and back again. The reinforced medical tubing must be able to withstand high pressures to ensure that the blood is filtered properly.

  • Angiography machines: High-pressure tubing medical is used in angiography machines to transport contrast agents into the patient's bloodstream. The medical tubing for sale must be able to withstand high pressures to ensure that the contrast agent is delivered accurately and safely.

  • Endoscopy equipment: Reinforced medical tubing is used in endoscopy equipment to transport water, air, or other fluids to the area being examined. The pressure tubing medical must be able to withstand high pressures to ensure that the examination is performed accurately and safely.

Why choose SCW Medicath as your medical tubing supplier?

Quality Assurance

SCW Medicath is known for its commitment to producing high-quality tubing for medical devices. With a focus on precision manufacturing and stringent quality control processes, we ensure that our medical tubing for sale meets industry standards and regulations. You can rely on SCW Medicath for consistent performance and reliability in your medical applications.

Wide Range of Tubing Options

SCW Medicath offers a diverse selection of reinforced medical tubing options to meet various clinical needs. Whether you require PVC medical tubing, PTFE medical tubing, plastic medical tubing, or other specialized tubing, SCW Medicath has a comprehensive range of products to cater to different applications and specifications.

Customization Capabilities

SCW Medicath understands that each medical application may have unique requirements. We have the capability to provide customized solutions to meet specific dimensions, configurations, and performance criteria. This flexibility allows you to obtain elastic medical tubing that aligns perfectly with your application needs.

Industry Expertise

With years of experience in the medical tubing industry, SCW Medicath has developed a deep understanding of the medical tubing market and customer requirements. Our knowledgeable team can provide expert guidance and support, helping you choose the right high pressure tubing medical for your specific application and offering valuable insights to optimize your processes.


SCW Medicath prioritizes adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines. We maintain compliance with relevant certifications and regulations, ensuring that our medical tubing for sale meets the necessary safety and quality requirements. By partnering with SCW Medicath, you can have confidence in the regulatory compliance of the medical supply tubing you receive.

Customer Service

SCW Medicath is committed to providing excellent customer service. We prioritize communication, responsiveness, and personalized support throughout the ordering and post-sales process. Our dedicated team is readily available to address any inquiries, assist with technical information, and ensure a smooth experience as you partner with us for your flexible medical tubing needs.

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