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angiographic syringes
angiographic syringe
angiographic injector
angiography syringe
angiographic syringes
angiographic syringe
angiographic injector
angiography syringe

Angiographic Syringes

Angiographic injector is used in conjuction with angiographic syringes in clinical departments such as the imaging department (CT MR), and catheter laboratory (DSA).

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, SCW Medicath angiographic injectors enable accurate control of contrast agent flow, ensuring optimal visualization of blood vessels and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Our Angiographic Syringes are specifically designed to complement these injectors, allowing for seamless integration and optimized performance.

With our Angiographic Syringes, healthcare providers can experience the benefits of advanced features such as precise pressure control, adjustable flow rates, and user-friendly interfaces. These features enable precise delivery of contrast agents, resulting in detailed imaging and improved diagnostic capabilities.

Designed with user convenience in mind, our Angiographic Syringes offer ergonomic grips and intuitive handling, facilitating ease of use and reducing the risk of hand fatigue during lengthy procedures. The syringes are also engineered to ensure smooth and consistent injection, minimizing the potential for air bubbles or other complications.

We prioritize patient safety and adhere to stringent quality control measures, ensuring that our Angiographic Syringes meet the highest industry standards. Each angiography syringe undergoes thorough testing and validation to guarantee reliable performance and compatibility with our angiographic injectors.

Experience the next level of precision and efficiency in angiography procedures with our Angiographic Syringes. Trust in SCW Medicath to deliver innovative solutions that empower healthcare providers to achieve accurate diagnoses and deliver optimal patient care.

Angiographic Syringes Parameter

Product No.Volume(ml)DescriptionModels
Used for MedradSingleDual
42,16,1000042.16.10001200Used for CT:MCT+OP-100;VCT610;ECT710CT-200-A1CT-200/200-A1
42.16.1000242.16.10003200Used for CT: STELANTCT-200-A2CT-200/200-A2
150Used for DSA: Mark V&Mark V ProvisDSA-150-A1
200Used for DSA: Mark V& Mark V ProvisDSA-200-A1
130Used for DSA: Mark lll & Mark IVDSA-130-A1

42.16.1000865Used for MRI: Spectris

42.16.10009115Used for MRI: Spectris

42.16.1001065/115Used for MRI: Spectris
42.16,1001142.16.10012190Used for CT: SALENTCT-190-A1CT-190/190-A1
150Used for DSA: Mark 7DSA-150-A2

Product No.Volume(ml)DescriptionModels
Used for Libel-FlarsheimSingleDual
42.16.2000042.16.20001200Used for CT:CT 9000& CT 9000 ADVCT-200-B1
150Used for DSA:Angiomat 6000DSA-150-B1
150Used for CT & DSA:Angiomat llumenaCT/DSA-150-B1
42.16.2000542.16.2000660Used for MRI:OptistarMRI-60-B1MRI-60/60-B1
Product No.Volume(ml)DescriptionModels
Used for EZEMSingleDual
42.16.5000042.16.50001200Used for CT:EmpowerCT-200-EMCT-200/200-EM
Product No.Volume(ml)DescriptionModels
Used for Nemoto KyorindoSingleDual
42,16,3000042.16.30001100Used for CT:A-25CT-100-NECT-100/100-NE
42.16.3000242,16.30003200Used for CT:A-25 A-60CT-200-NECT-200/200-NE
120Used for DSA:Nemoto 120SDSA-120-NE
42.16.3000642.16.3000760Nemoto Dual Shot.Sonic Shot 50MRI-60-NEMRI-60/60-NE

42,16,30008100/200Used for CT.A-25

42.16.3001260/200Used for CT:A-25.A-60
Product No.Volume(ml)DescriptionModels
Used for MetronSingleDual
42.16.4000042.16.40001200Used for CT:ACCUTRONCT-200-MEDCT-200/200-MED
42.16.4000242.16.4000365Used for MRI:ACCUTRONMRI-65-MEDMRI-65/65-MED

42.16.4000465/200Used for MRI:ACCUTRON

Angiographic Injector Benefits

Angiographic injectors offer several key benefits that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of angiography procedures. Here are some notable advantages:

  • Precise Contrast Agent Delivery: Angiographic injectors enable controlled and precise delivery of contrast agents into blood vessels. This accuracy enhances image quality and allows healthcare professionals to visualize and assess the vascular system with greater clarity, aiding in accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

  • Adjustable Flow Rates: These angiographic syringes provide the flexibility to adjust the flow rate of contrast agents based on specific patient and procedural requirements. The ability to customize the injection speed ensures optimal imaging results while minimizing potential risks and complications.

  • Improved Workflow and Efficiency: Angiographic injectors streamline the injection process, leading to improved workflow and procedural efficiency. Automated features, such as programmable protocols and intuitive interfaces, simplify operation and reduce the need for manual adjustments, saving time and improving overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Patient Safety: Angiography syringes prioritize patient safety by incorporating safety mechanisms and advanced monitoring capabilities. These features help prevent accidental extravasation (leakage) of contrast agents, minimizing potential adverse reactions and reducing patient discomfort.

  • Reduced Radiation Exposure: By optimizing contrast agent delivery, angiographic injectors can reduce the amount of radiation exposure required during angiography procedures. This benefit is particularly important for patients who may require repeated or prolonged imaging studies.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Modern angiographic injectors often feature intuitive interfaces and touchscreen displays, making them user-friendly and easy to operate. This simplicity enables healthcare professionals to navigate through settings and perform injections with confidence and precision.

  • Compatibility and Integration: Angiographic syringes are designed to seamlessly integrate with other angiography equipment and imaging systems. This compatibility allows for smooth data transfer, synchronization, and accurate correlation of injected contrast with corresponding images, facilitating comprehensive and cohesive diagnostic reports.

By harnessing the advantages of angiographic injectors, healthcare professionals can optimize angiography procedures, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and deliver improved patient care. It's important to consult with medical equipment providers to explore specific features and benefits that align with your clinical needs and imaging requirements.

Angiographic Injector Features

Angiographic Injector Features
  • Complete models: Angiographic injector can be used in conjunction with various types of high-pressure syringes from domestic and foreign manufacturers;

  • Quality assurance: various purchased high-pressure syringe equipment for production site inspection;

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