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infusion set with needleless adapters
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infusion set with needleless adapters
needleless infusion device
needleless adapters
disposable infusion set factory
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Infusion Set With Needleless Adapters

Patented product and precise manufacturing technology. With multiple liquid channels, our infusion set with needleless adapter is used for simultaneous infusion of multiple medications in clinical use.

Infusion Set With Needleless Adapters Parameter

Product No.Description
41.05.20003One way
41.05.20002Two way
41.05.20001Three way
41.05.30001Y type with filter

Custom Infusion Set Service

SCW have nearly 30 years of experience in R&D and production of medical consumables and can provide customers with a complete set of professional product design, R&D, registration, production and other services.

We have an independent mould design and development team with our mould R&D and manufacturing centre, which can quickly meet various personalized customization needs of customers;

We accept OEM,can manufacture and deliver the components or products you need within the specified time.

Features of Infusion Set With Needleless Adapters

Features of Infusion Set With Needleless Adapters
  • Unidirectional inflow, anti-siphon; automatically generated positive pressure to prevent blood reflux during transfusion;

  • Standard Luer connector ensures firm connection. Needleless adapter design reduces the harm to clinicians and patients by misoperation;

  • A closed area with double protective barrier. Smooth surface for easy clinical care and lower infection risk.

Infusion Set User Instructions

1. Remove the cap and insert the spike into the infusion bottle (bag).

2. Connect the product to the infusion set.

(Note: Connect the female joint of the larger connecting tubing to the male joint of the infusion set.) 

3. Remove the male joint protective cap on the distal end of the product.

4. Introduce liquid from the infusion bottle (bag) to flush for air exhaust.

5. Remove the protective cap on the extension tube with valve. Aspirate normal saline with a 5ML or 10ML syringe to pre-flush the channels with valve and exhaust air.

(Note: Do not raise the product too high during pre-flushing for air exhaust.

After the pre-flushing exhaust is completed, put on the protective cap)

6. Connect the distal end of the product to the syringe or the external connection catheter according to the instructions.

7. Connect the dosing device to the channel with valve according to the actual use..

Why Choose Medicath as Your Infusion Set Factory

1. Patented products, with unique market advantages!

2. Available in positive pressure, constant pressure and other types of joints;

3. Complete types and models for different clinical needs;

4. In line with INS standards, available in silicone or spring and other types of joints for different clinical infusion;

5. Up to 10 coupling heads to establish more drug delivery channels in the clinic and provide better solutions for multi-channel infusion;

6. One-way infusion, anti-siphon, automatic positive pressure during infusion to prevent blood backflow;

7. Simplify operation and reduce medical infection (compared with existing clinical infusion or administration through stopcocks);

8. Metal silver ions for good bacteriostasis effect;

9. Customized product with filter.

10.  The product has passed FSC and CE certification.

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