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Angiographic Syringe

When using CT, MRI, DSA, and other equipment for diagnosis or treatment in the imaging department, interventional room, and radiology department of the hospital, it is often necessary to quickly inject the contrast medium into the blood vessel or through the original hole of the human body with a high-pressure injector and its supporting disposable high-pressure angiographic syringe, so as to display the target blood vessel or organ with high concentration and form a high contrast image, through this it can improve the success rate of examination or more effective targeted treatment.

The imaging principles of CT and MR are different, and the contrast agents used are also different. Iodine-containing preparations are generally used for CT, and the dosage may reach 80 - 100 ml. Gadolinium is used for MRI, and the dosage is relatively small, about 10 to 20 ml. DSA has the same mechanism of imaging like CT and generally uses iodine-containing preparations.

About High-pressure Injector

When using a high-pressure injector, it needs to cooperate with the use of high-pressure angiographic syringes. The computer program control mode is applied, and the injection program that can be memorized is set. It can scan and inject contrast medium at the same time. It has the advantages of high automation and high accuracy. It can arbitrarily adjust the injection rate according to different parts and different lesion properties, and can quickly inject the contrast medium into the artery, vein, or required parts, so as to improve the disease diagnosis rate.

Two Barrel Syringe

Two-barrel syringes can be connected with normal saline at one end and contrast medium at the other end. After providing all necessary normal saline flushing, doctors and nurses can no longer shuttle between the subject and the control room as before. The operation can be completed by touching the screen. The double-barrel syringe is not only safe but also can effectively shorten the CT scanning time, improve the vascular display rate and make the image clearer.

It is mentioned that the high-pressure angiographic injector used for DSA often performs arteriography, and the pressure required is correspondingly high, which can be as high as 1200 psi; When used for CT and MRI, it is usually the development of vein, internal lumen or tissue, and organ, and 300 PSI can meet the demand.

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