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Blood Pressure Transducer

Common medical sensors include medical negative pressure vacuum system pressure sensor, vacuum compression bag sensor, medical pressure sensor, noninvasive medical sensor, blood pressure sensor, invasive medical sensor, ion beam sputtering film pressure sensor, disposable medical pressure sensor, biomedical pressure sensor, sphygmomanometer pressure sensor, pulse direction sensor/pulse sensor, tire pressure sensor, etc.

Blood Pressure Transducers are specialized sensors that can sense pressure and convert it into digital or other types of output signals.

SCW Medicath Blood Pressure Transducers

There are two kinds of disposable pressure transducers from SCW Medicath Ltd.: DPT-248 and DPT-II. SCW Medicath Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises producing such products in China. Nowadays, SCW Medicath is one of the major manufacturers of blood pressure transducers in the world. Different adapters for different types of monitors are available, including Abbott, Utah, Baxter, BD, and argon. The pressure range is - 50 ~ - 300 mmHg; the Operating temperature is between 15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;  The storage temperature of this product is  - 25 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

A disposable blood pressure transducer is a class III medical device, which can be used to dynamically and continuously detect pressure changes in various parts of the body, such as arterial pressure, central venous pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, left and right atrium or ventricle. Directly obtaining the physiological parameter of blood pressure is of great help to severe patients in guiding blood transfusion or treatment. It is suitable for many clinical departments, such as anesthesiology, ICU, cardiology, catheter room, etc. The blood pressure transducer is located outside the body and indirectly contacts the blood through instruments such as central venous catheters, other types of intravascular catheters, or arteriovenous puncture needles.

This product has no absolute contraindications, but it should be used with caution for those with known hemorrhagic diseases.

Replacing Blood Pressure Transducer 

In order to prevent infection, the CDC and the society of infectious diseases recommend using disposable blood pressure transducer as much as possible, do not use repeated pressure measuring devices, and replace the transducer every 4 days. When replacing the sensor, it is necessary to replace other components of the sensor system at the same time, including the infusion pipe, flushing valve, and flushing liquid.

Providing quality disposable medical supplies wholesale, SCW Medicath can be your reliable blood pressure transducer provider.

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