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Disposable Medical Supplies Market

The global disposable hospital supply market is likely to grow during the forecast period because of the drastic changes from the utilization of reusable medical devices to disposable medical supplies to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and surgical site infections. Medical disposables are easy to maneuver and maintenance & sterilization does not require. New devices are being used and thrown after use by Physicians. Yes, it is a difficult economic situation worldwide thanks to the covid-19 and Russian-Ukraine war. But the disposable medical gloves market continues to grow positively due to the excess requirements among Surgeons, practitioners, and healthcare workers. According to the Data Bridge Market research analysis, increased growth is marked in the global disposable medical products & supplies market in the year 2022-2029. The anticipated CAGR of the global disposable hospital supplies market is likely to touch around 11.7% in the mentioned predicted year. The USD market value is going to see a growth of 62.94 billion by the end of 2029. Aside from providing market insights including market value, growth rate, market segments, geographical coverage, market leaders, and market scenario we also offer in-depth analysis, and a directorial framework.

Disposable Medical Supplies Market Overview:

The market for disposable medical supplies is large and provides both large and small companies with several choices. Leaders in the disposable & professional medical supply market have mainly focused on controlling certain product categories. And these categories are nonwoven medical supplies, wound care supplies, radiography supplies, infusion goods, diagnostic supplies, hypodermic products, intubation & ventilation supplies, and dialysis consumables. Consumables, gadgets, and equipment utilized in health care settings are part of the disposal of medical supplies. These products are meant to be used for once. These products are essential in hospital settings because they help to save time and reduce the unnecessary expenses associated with offering treatments. Bandages, wraps, drug test disposables, exam gowns, face masks, gloves, suction catheters, surgical sponges, hypodermic needles; control syringes are some examples of disposable medical supplies.

The excess demand for disposable medical supplies is mainly for the prevention of contamination and hospital-aided infections, mostly an increase in illness prevalence globally, which are the main factors driving market expansion. But the industry is mannered by the soaring environmental problems brought on by inadequate medical waste disposal. Nevertheless, as automatic operations utilize disposable products such as syringes, guide wire introducer needles, scissors, and scapulas, the popularity of robot-aided surgeries is expected to bring a wide variety of job opportunities.  The market is mainly driven by the growing incidences of hospital-acquired infections and surgical site infections all over the globe. This can be assigned to the increasing number of surgical procedures needing longer hospital admissions. Aside from that, a notable rise in the commonness of chronic diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is also becoming a part of an important growth-inducing factor for the market. The market is also run by an exemplary shift towards single-use and short-term use medical supplies due to the increasing health and hygiene consciousness among people.

Global Disposable Medical Supplies Type Segment Review

The diagnostic supplies, dialysis consumables, radiography consumables, peripheral intervention devices, infusion products, intubation & breathing supplies, hypodermic products, sterilizing consumables, nonwoven medical supplies, wound care consumables, and other medical supplies market is divided into categories depending on the type. Due to their widespread use in healthcare settings, nonwoven medical supplies are predicted to be the most lucrative market during the projection period. These supplies are made up of disposable medical product lists that are frequently utilized in healthcare settings, such as incontinence goods and surgical nonwoven products. The end user of these products is hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery center, and other end users. And the geography is North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America. The report also states the total market sizes and trends for 17 different countries around major regions globally.

By Type

Drapes and Gowns



Syringes and Needles

Procedure kits and Trays

Other Types

By End users

Hospitals and clinics

Ambulatory surgery center

Other End users


North America                                         United States



Europe                                                      Germany

United Kingdom




Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific                                               China




South Korea

Rest of Asia Pacific

Middle–East and Africa                            GCC

South Africa

Rest of the Middle East and Africa

South America                                              Brazil


Rest of South America

Table 1: Global Disposable Medical Supplies Type Segment

Disposable Medical Supplies Market Dynamics


  • Increased cases of hospital-acquired infection

With growing obstetric complications and surgical and nosocomial infections, the order for disposable medical supplies to secure safety and hygiene is growing. Different hygiene awareness capabilities are surging the utilization of disposable medical products to help accelerate market growth in the future.

  • Increase in the number of surgeries done

Another crucial factor of the development in the medical disposable market is the growing number of surgeries done globally. The number of surgeries is growing, and so does the requirement for surgical gowns, gloves, drapes, feeding tubes, treatment sets, and trays, driving the growth of the global medical disposable market.


  • Growing Environmental problems can hinder the growth

Deposable equipment is mainly utilized in the medical industry as they obtain infection-free medical procedures. Plastics are utilized in the manufacture of many medical disposable products due to their variety of uses and lower costs. Hospitals are also responsible for producing a good amount of waste from disposable medical supplies that are not easy to recycle and infect because plastics are not biodegradable. Nevertheless, strict rules are applied for the recycling of this waste, and it is not easy for the recycles to comply with the rules, as a result, a majority of the disposable medical waste remains uncirculated. A growing number of waste and under-reimbursement of these disposable hospital supplies are anticipated to hinder the market growth during the speculated period.

Global Disposable Medical Supplies Market Opportunities

The market for disposable medical supplies is expanding primarily because of the rising demand for disposable medical suppliers, but other factors, such as environmental concerns related to the inappropriate disposal of disposable medical supplies, may restrain market expansion. Our research experts have analyzed historical data to identify the major market factors and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market for disposable medical supplies. To achieve a competitive edge, end goals can be determined and marketing strategies can be improved with the aid of a comprehensive analysis of the drivers.

Key disposable medical supplies market opportunities

  • Excellent growth in the Healthcare sector

The excellent expansion of the healthcare sector is a main driver of the growth of the disposable hospital medical supplies market. Growing demand for disposable gloves due to the growth of the healthcare industry will carry the disposable hospital market. As hospital budgets and standards develop, so does the utilization of disposable surgical gowns.

  • Technological improvements in the market

Another reason that is anticipated to increase the disposable hospital supplies market is the unhinged development of medical disposables with modified protection quality. Disposable medical products including treatment kits and trays offer easy and efficient productivity with very little effort. New modifications in medical disposables are anticipated to trigger disposable hospital supplies market growth.

  • Development of HAIs

Infections acquired in hospitals can be dangerous and even fatal. The most prevalent forms are pneumonia linked with ventilator use, urinary tract infections, bloodstream infections, and surgical site infections. According to estimates from the World Health Organization, 1.4 million persons are currently afflicted with HAI worldwide. HAIs are caused by a variety of reasons, including contaminated equipment, objects, poorly maintained ventilators, crowded hospital beds, incorrect sterilization, reuse of contaminated colored syringes, etc. Surgical procedures are likewise increasing quickly. Because they are simple to use, practical, and highly protective, disposable medical supplies offer the ideal option. During the anticipated period, these variables will accelerate the growth of the market for disposable medical supplies.

  • Disposable ventilator circuits

The COVID-19 epidemic increased demand for disposable medical items like gowns, gloves, and masks and constrained supply. The protection of patients and front-line staff's lives depends on public understanding of excellent healthcare practices. According to a study based on research, disposable ventilator circuits effectively protect healthcare personnel working in hospital rooms from the covid 19 virus by limiting the virus's aerosolized particles. Reusable critical and semi-critical healthcare supplies must be sterilized using a multi-step process that costs money. To avoid contamination and package damage, labeling, careful storage, and the use of disposable chemicals are all necessary. Single-use items only take a little bit of time to unpack. The market for disposable medical supplies will rise as a result.

  • Ease of buying disposable medical supplies online

Discounts and bargains provided by online merchants for purchasing disposable medical supplies are luring hospitals to buy things in bulk. Hospitals are anticipated to buy more disposable medical goods online as a result of this. The fact that they are simple to purchase, unlikely to be defective, and easily accessible in an emergency can be a scope to boost the sales of some disposable medical supplies. These elements are projected to fuel the expansion of the disposable & affordable medical supply market globally in the approaching years.






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