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What Is Included in Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Sets?

Orthopedic surgical devices are tools used in hospitals for surgical procedures on patients. They have brought hope for countless patients to recover their normal lives and are a great help to doctors, especially Leopard brand, which specializes in providing surgical instrument packages for hospitals.

The instruments included in orthopedic surgical devices

The orthopedic surgical instrument package includes bone clamps, bone cutters, bone holding forceps, reduction forceps, wire cutters, wire pliers, bone scrapers, periosteal strippers, bone chisels, bone knives, bone levers, bone mallets, impactors, bone files, bone saws, bone drills, Kirschner wire traction devices, marrow extractors, and vertebral bone clamps, among other orthopedic instruments.

For some joints in the orthopedic surgical instrument package, high-strength imported medical stainless steel is mainly used, while some handles are made of polyester fiber handles, which are resistant to high temperature and pressure, have no plating and a natural color surface treatment, and do not reflect light during surgery. Wire cutters and wire pliers are treated normally, while tungsten carbide steel (with a handle plated in gold) is used.

Things to note after orthopedic surgical instrument packages enter the operating room

Orthopedic surgery is a surgery with a large number of patients and is an important component of orthopedic surgery. To ensure that orthopedic surgery can be performed very well, the orthopedic surgical instrument package becomes a very important part. Many hospitals have a hard time choosing the right one, after all, it is a guarantee for the operating room.

There are many things to pay attention to during the use of an orthopedic surgical instrument package. Only by adopting the correct use method can the surgery be smoother and cost-effective for the hospital. When receiving the instrument package, every surgical instrument should be inspected internally.

After confirming that it is indeed a whole set of orthopedic surgical devices, the next step is to disinfect the surgical devices. Once the disinfection is complete, the surgical devices can be stored and used again before surgery.

Although every hospital has strict standards for purchasing surgical devices, it is also important to understand the material and craftsmanship of surgical devices when receiving them.

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